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TMC produces and distributes Automatic Ethylene converting machines in its state of art factory in Vietnam. These machines can ideally be used for removing Ethylene from storage rooms.

For this we have Catalytic Converters and TMC-5 Converters:

TMC catalytic converters eliminate ethylene gas and aromatics reducing the ripening process of horticultural products stored into cold rooms, whether conventional or in controlled atmosphere. Thanks to the most fine technology applied, TMC represents a sector revolution.

The machine can be located inside or outside the room, and operate continuously without particular checks or controls. The electronic PLC board provides any operation details.

The high efficiency and the absence of maintenance, permit to amortize the converter cost in shorter time compared to other similar systems.
The purpose of TMC catalytic converters is to delete ethylene gas (C2H4) and other aromatics commonly present in cold rooms and produced through fruit and vegetable respiration. The operation principle of TMC catalytic converters is based on the capacity to break down ethylene molecules in carbon dioxide and water, using a particular catalyst.

                         C2H4 + 3O2    -----------260°C---------------->  2CO2 + 2H2O      

Model                                  Dimensions                    Power           Air circulation          Wheight
                                                 mm                             KW                   m3/h                       Kg
TMC 150                        1100x1100x1950                   2,5                   150                       850
TMC 300                        1100x1470x1950                   3,4                   300                      1200
TMC 500                        1100x1690x1950                   4,4                   500                      1650


Based on, our TMC-5 medium, this scrubber curbs the ripening process of the products stored in conventional, as well as in C.A. cold rooms.

Just load the drawers with the TMC-5 product, turn on the scrubber and the room air is going to be instantly depurated. The exhausted product changes its colour and its effectiveness is therefore easily checked.

The system has low energy consumption and reduced maintenance.
Loaded with the TMC-5 product the scrubber recycles the room air by means of high performance centrifugal fans and forces it through the reactant product which depurates it from aromatics, and particularly from ethylene, the greatest responsible for the ripening process acceleration.

Lenght: mm 840
Depth:  mm 370
High:    mm 960
KW= 0,36    230/50

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